Our Promise

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Environmental Sustainability

We are increasingly focusing on the importance of sustainability. We actively recycle as much general waste as possible, our refrigeration systems recycle water and are highly energy efficient, all lorry’s emit minimal carbon emissions, and any animal bi-products are recycled and used in tallow production.


All rainwater is harvested providing water for livestock and cleaning. At our processing plant we have also invested in a system which allows us to recycle heat produced from our fridges to heat our water system.



& Farming

We recycle all manure waste from the processing plant, and use it to fertilise the fields on the farm. Everything we grow on the farm we ensure goes to feed our own stock, making sure that they receive the highest quality and tastiest feed – and all the remaining straw is used to bed them down.


We are also involved in several environmental schemes on the farm, which involve us growing crops such as sunflowers to feed wild birds, allowing bluebells to grow in certain fields to help the environment, and only cutting hedges at specific times of the year to ensure that you do not disturb any wildlife.


Janan and our Community

We are committed to helping our community, be it through charitable donations to worthy causes, such as local children's hospitals or the air ambulance, or volunteering with homeless charities to help supply food and clothes to those less fortunate, and keep them warm this winter. We also sponsor local sports clubs, and support local schools by supplying products to them.